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VDB Painting Tips

Efficiency through masking

Adequate masking can improve efficiency, especially when several quite different colours are being used.

Make sure you only apply 3 coats instead of 4 or 5 when not accurate cutting in makes it necessary to touch up dark or light coulours prior to finishing.

Masking also makes it possible to create sharp lines where different paint colours and systems meet.

Masking glass on exterior timber puttied windows can be extremely helpful. Mask one millimetre on glass away from putty. This way you create a sharp line and fill the very critical edge between glass and putty properly.

Make sure you use a first coat of paint on putty and one mil glass that sticks well to glass! If on timber puttied windows the critical edge between glass and putty is painted and filled properly, the total paint system on the whole window will last a lot longer.

When cracking between putty and glass appears, this will directly cause water to penetrate in timber and so cause peeling and cracking of paint on the rest of the timber window.

Efficiency through planning

Try and plan on a daily basis what you are going to do.

Nothing so annoying as day after day going over the same items. Make a plan. Here are some examples:

  1. Cleaning dirty surfaces is very important; when surfaces are clean, the rest of the preparation is less time consuming. Clean surfaces need less sanding, but always use a good first primer or undercoat.
  2. Always work from top to bottom. First coat on ceilings then walls then skirtings. second coat same as first coat. Then finish all ceilings, then all walls, then start finishing trim like doorframes/doors/skirtings. You will find that most ceilings and most walls will be the same colours. Stay efficient by finishing one product before you start the next. Ceiling paint being different from wall paint in most cases.
  3. Try and be square each day with what you do if possible. For instance, undercoat ALL doorframes before you start something else. Don't stop and start with different items all the time during the day.

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