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VDB Painting History

Machiel van den Bergh.

Boudewijn van den Bergh started painting in New Zealand in 1991. His ancestors were painters since the foundation of "van den Bergh Painting" in 1854. (Painting - Machiel van den Bergh ).

The first contract was the painting of a carriage, which was painted in the living room. After this adventure the painting business slowly but steadily grew into a well established house painting business.

In those days, painters made there own paint. The grinding of the ingredients was done with simple "pott" mills, especially in winter time. The basic "binder" in paint was linseed oil. White-lead was an important ingredient of the oil based undercoat.

VDB Painting now uses the most advanced waterbased acrylics. Alkyd based paints are being used for special purposes only. Preparation and application are being done with the most modern tools. Waterblasting with newest techniques like "rotoblast" which with a circular movement removes dirt and flaky surfaces better and quicker. (See photos in portfolio).

VDB Painting is advanced in painting new interior homes, please see our pricing form for an estimate.

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